What is a Maker? Am I a Maker?

Maker Faire founder Dale Dougherty believes that “We are all makers! .. Makers are enthusiasts, they are amateurs, they are people who love doing what they do. They don’t always know why they’re doing it.” If you’re bringing a Do-It-Yourself aesthetic to a household project, if you’re being creatively resourceful in making furniture, or if you’re teaching your son or daughter how to do woodworking or how to program — you’re a maker. And if you’re a maker, we want to see what you’re working on and help share it with the world.

What does it cost to attend?

Nothing! The Round Rock Mini Maker Faire is free for all attendees.

What Does it Cost to present as a maker?

Commercial Makers: $50 (Anyone selling products directly to attendees)

Non-Commercial Makers: FREE (Anyone running an interactive workshop, spreading awareness about their project/business, or just showing off a cool gadget)

As a maker at the faire, what do i need to provide?

Commercial Makers need to provide their own table, chairs, signage, and canopy. We will have an 11×17″ sign with your name and a brief bio. We can provide power to a limited number of commercial makers. Let us know ahead of time and email any questions to Sam@techshop.com.

Non-commercial Makers need to bring signage and any table covering you want to use. We will have an 11×17″ sign with your name and a brief bio. We will have basic tables, but please let us know about any needs for you project ahead of time. Email questions to Sam@techshop.com.


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