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The Map!

Find your favorite maker! Or just get lost and discover something new.

MakerFaireMap Revised5 6-6


UPDATE: Serving Live Oak & Still Seeking Volunteers

Our beer provider has changed. Instead of serving Flix Brewhouse, we will be serving Big Bark Amber from Live Oak Brewery in Austin.

We are still seeking volunteers for the day of the event. Help support the presenting makers & help keep everyone safe. Email

Meet the Makers: Andy Ortman’s Waveform Metal Designs

Andy is a programmer at IBM and has picked up metal working and laser etching in the last eight months. His latest project uses the water jet, powder coating, and laser etching to make these customized waveform designs. Order one today and talk to him at the faire.

Video by Melissa Cha and Nick Nadeau.

Meet the Makers: Type 40 Mark III by Steve Noreyko and Andrea Swehosky

Is it a time machine? A MIDI-controller? An art sculpture? Yes! We just call it awesome.

The Type 40 Mark III console is an interactive sound sculpture. The console surface is covered with interactive controls that trigger samples, loops, and other sounds. You can also modify tempo, tone, pitch, and apply different sound filters. We invite you to explore and play – create your own dynamic soundscape!

Video originally made for the Austin Mini Maker Faire by Troy Lanier and Danny Cameron.

Now Seeking Event Volunteers

The Round Rock Mini Maker Faire is seeking event volunteers to help 10:00am-10:00pm on Friday, June 7th and during the event 8:30am-7:00pm on Saturday, June 8th.

We need help setting up, coordinating machine demos, serving beer (must be TABC certified), facilitating makers, and more.

Email to sign up or for more information.

Make Your Own Car at the Nerdy Derby!

nerdy 1

The Nerdy Derby is coming to the Round Rock Mini Maker Faire. The Nerdy Derby is a no-rules miniature car building and racing competition inspired by the Cub Scouts’ Pinewood Derby. With a larger, more undulating track and no restrictions on the size of the cars or materials participants can use, the Nerdy Derby rewards creativity, cleverness and ingenuity.

The Nerdy Derby is presented by Austin Tinkering School, a place where kids can use real tools and real materials to build the things that they think of.

Meet the Makers: Jason Pepas’ Adventures in Aluminum Casting!

Jason is making his own steam engine, but he decided to start from the very beginning. He is making every part of his engine starting with the molten aluminum that he is pouring himself. Check out his crucible for melting and casting aluminum. Watch his lost-foam casting process turn scrap metal into machine parts!

Video made by Melissa Cha and Nick Nadeau.

RSVP on EventBrite Today

Help us out and let us know if you’re going to make it to the faire at our EventBrite page. All it takes is a name and email and we’ll send you a reminder before the event.

See you on June 8th!

Last Call for Makers!

Anyone hoping to have a booth at the Round Rock Mini Maker Faire, apply by the end of the day today using the application here. See you next Saturday!

Meet the Makers: Rachel Goodman’s “Two for Tea”

Rachel is a textiles instructor at TechShop. She stepped into the woodshop to make this 9-foot walk-in tea pot. It will be making the festival rounds for the rest of the year, giving folks a chance to hide from the sun in the larger-than-life structure inspired by Lewis Carol.

Video by Melissa Cha and Nick Nadeau.