Waveform Metal Designs


Andy Ortman is a curious hacker and inventor of gizmos and gadgets. In his free time, he likes to design and produce high quality projects. He’s built everything from giant floppy disk tables to high-end electronic data acquisition devices. Growing up in a rural part of Tennessee with a student’s budget, it was hard to find the tools he needed to make anything complicated, but that all changed after he moved to Austin for an internship and discovered the local maker community – he decided he just couldn’t go back!

That internship ultimately led to his current dayjob at IBM with Watson Lab, a quickturn software development group. He works on the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence technologies that was once used to beat Ken Jennings at a game of Jeopardy.

Andy has been picking up new metalwork and laser cutter projects for the last year. His newest project takes stainless steel that he cuts on a water jet, powder coats, and then brings to the laser cutter. These Waveform Metal Designs have audio waveforms etched into the metal display for a clean and polished product.

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