Type 40 Mark III

tardisIs it a time machine? A MIDI-controller? An art sculpture? Yes! We just call it awesome.

The Type 40 Mark III console is an interactive sound sculpture. The console surface is covered with interactive controls that trigger samples, loops, and other sounds. You can also modify tempo, tone, pitch, and apply different sound filters. We invite you to explore and play – create your own dynamic soundscape!

The console is 5 feet wide,10 feet tall, and has over 160 different input devices. The center time rotor consists of LED tubes, which create mesmerizing, ever-changing light patterns. LEDs in the console interior and the base also pulse and glow. Laser-etched acrylic panels expose the console’s inner-workings—including moving gears, gauges, clocks, and circuit boards.

The Type 40 Mark III is loosely modeled after the TARDIS time machine control console from the “Doctor’s Wife” episode of the “Doctor Who” TV series.

Project leads Steve Noreyko,  Andrea Swehosky, and Dr. John Edwards have decades of experience hacking, building, designing, and making awesome.



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