Matt Bennett is an electrical engineer with a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland. His goal is to build cool stuff. Along the way, he’s built and tested Ultrawideband RADAR, designed parts for an artillery fuze, designed and got a patent for an ocean going robot, tested servers, and taken many, many pictures of kitties.

Matt started playing with the Raspberry Pi, and like any engineer, he saw ways he could improve it. He wanted a switching power supply, more LEDs, analog inputs, and more digital I/O. The goal is a completely open source design- all the schematics, manufacturing files, and code will be available for free for anyone to use, modify, and make better. To that end, Matt is looking for collaborators to help with the coding, design, and other important stuff that an engineer can do, but others can do better. The goal is not to make a company- it is to make a board that expands on the educational mission of the Raspberry Pi.


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