mobileduinoMobileduino is an Arduino compatible board that turns your RC car into an insanely fun autonomous robot. How does controlling your rc car with an iPhone or Android sound? Or a robot that moves around by itself and avoids obstacles? Or even turning it into a light seeking or heat seeking speed machine? That’s just a small chunk of all what you can do with Mobileduino. Download different programs for the board and make your RC car do amazing feats!

Techjango is an online international hackerspace for makers, hackers, engineers, electronics hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts to share, discuss and work on Open Source Hardware (OSHW) projects and ideas. Techjango offers members (membership is free!) a FREE online ‘Making’ service for curated projects featuring 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, PCB Prototyping and CNC Machining. Members have free access to all developmental tools on the Techjango e-store for curated projects. On top of that, members also get to monetize their creations via our store!


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