Animation Station

Tim Ziegler is an inveterate project-maker who has been involved in making animations for some 20 years, beginning years ago when he landed a gig making 3D computer animations to show to juries in court cases.

The advent of tablets and smartphones (along with animation apps) has made it incredibly easy and fun for anyone to get into animation, no matter what your age or artistic skill. The Animation Station will have three iPad setups where budding animators can create moving pictures.

One station will have templates where you can trace looping sequences from the photographs of moving picture pioneer Eadweard Muybridge and customize them to make them your own. We’ll create an animated movie as soon as you’re done drawing. Another will have a whiteboard animation setup, where you can create motion by drawing a series of images while seeing a ghost image of the last frame you drew. The final station will have a claymation-style setup with clay and toys to move around.

See some amazing examples of animations done by first-timers at the first iteration of the Animation Station held in May.

At his day job Tim serves as Editor of the Austin Post.

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