We Are Looking for More Makers. Apply Now!

Do you have a project that you want to show off to the Round Rock and Austin maker community? We want you to showcase it at the Faire.

Apply to be a Maker at the Faire using the simple application here.

We are particularly interested in projects that:

  • Engage and inspire attendees to make something themselves
  • Start new conversations and get people thinking about making in new ways
  • Ignite a passion for science, technology and engineering in young attendees

Anyone and everyone can apply. You didn’t make the project at TechShop? That’s OK. Still a work-in-progress? Not a problem. The project didn’t come out quite like you’d hoped? Are you kidding? Failures are a fabulous learning experience! We want to help you show the coolest stuff available to the most receptive audience in town. 

There will be a BBQ truck, a snow cone truck, and interactive fun for the whole family. Tell all your friends and coworkers, everyone will find something to get excited about at the Round Rock Mini Maker Faire.


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